Clinical Residency at the Salem Center for Therapy, Training and Research

The Salem Center is pleased to announce the addition of a clinical residency to our curriculum. The residency will begin in January 2017 and is designed for post-masters degree clinicians, who wish to advance their skills in the following areas. The first area is learning to use the dialogue in therapeutic conversations as transformative for client(s) and therapist(s) as well. A resident will learn to use questions not only to gather information, but to allow clients to develop new perspectives about the their lives. A second area is one in which a resident develops new skill in helping clients identify new "voices" through writing and the therapeutic process. These new voices for clients can be more affirming and more resilient in terms of a client's sense of self and creative solutions to problems facing a family. A third aspect of the residency is one that allows the clinician to view therapy as a collaborative process between clinician and clients.

Each residency is designed to meet the needs of the clinician/resident. In all cases, the resident will work with members of the Salem Center faculty. You will be introduced to our training model of reflecting dialogues, in which one clinician leads the therapeutic conversation with an individual, couple or family, while one or more clinicians listen and offer their thoughts while the clients and leading clinician listen. Our work with reflecting dialogues is especially useful in work with couples and families since it allows the clinician and team to make visible the multiple perspectives of the family members, as well as articulating those of the clinical team (clinician and team members). A resident may choose to invite her existing clients to come and meet with our team or may wish to meet with our clients and team. Our training model has been in practice at the Salem Center for 20 years in our internship program and training programs. Our research shows both a high level of satisfaction and mastery of clinical skills as reported by the trainees and their universities.

A resident may chose to be on-site from a few hours weekly or bi-weekly to a full day or more. A resident's tuition is based on the number of hours that she wishes to spend at the Salem Center. Interested applicants should please contact Marjorie Roberts, Ph.D. Marjorie is a founder and co-director of the Salem Center. She has published and presented her work on reflecting dialogues, is a member of the American Family Therapy Academy, and an Approved Supervisor in AAMFT, or 978-745-6656.