Sarah Malloy, M.S., LMHC

I am a Salem Center trained intern and a post-modern psychotherapist. My client based therapy experience started at the Salem Center while attending Salem State College, now University. As a student then I was able to participate in sessions with Evan, Marty and Steve and also experience Conferences and gatherings they hosted. At these events, I met highly esteemed colleagues of theirs and watched them work. They referenced their experiences with clients and the foundational principles that guided their professional lives. The training was first rate.

After those first experiences, I worked in mental health agencies and  practiced post-modern therapy as often as possible. I found ways to remain curious in sessions while avoiding the traps of leaping to diagnostic conclusions. I started to see the benefits of this type of collaborative meaning making immediately, even within the 'moderne' agency environments which hold diagnosis,symptom based definitions as truth in human behavior. 

When I opened my own practice I was able to build on the variety of those experiences and increase the depth of my commitment to post-modern practices. Collaborative and reflecting dialogue is second nature and a preferred stance in every session.   

Now I find myself working with clients with a hopeful and realistic vocabulary of our living experiences. We work on issues pertaining to all types of relationships and any type of concern; illness and disease, marriage, spirituality, aging, addiction, to name a few.

I can be reached at:  978-594-8150,